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Certified Arborist


Arborist Tree Services: Pruning, Trimming and Removal

Tree Care by Certified Arborist in Austin, Texas

Pruning large tree in Bee Caves Texas

Quality tree care services for your home or business. Trust a certified arborist to care for your trees in Bee Caves, Circle C Ranch and the entire Austin area.

Home owners around Austin spare no expense maintaining a lush green lawn but regular care for trees is often overlooked. Once a tree has fallen or becomes diseased it becomes a problem, but in most cases this tragedy could have been prevented. Just like your lawn, trees need regular care for optimal health. The truth is urban trees face problems unknown to their country cousins. In forests and undeveloped areas there is a natural cycle of life and composition. Fallen debris and leaf litter decompose over time and fertilize the ground. Obviously you don't want leaves and branches decomposing in you lawn. Adding grass fertilizers are absorbed at the surface and will not reach tree roots systems. Low nutrients is just one challenge urban trees face, others include compacted soil, pollution, poor drainage, and damage from machinery. It becomes easy to see why proper care for trees is important.

Large beautiful trees are sometimes taken for granted by home owners around Austin, Texas.

Knowing the value of proper tree care is imperative, but for most Austin residents proper tree care is too complicated, time consuming and dangerous. No need to worry, Doleva Elite Tree provides affordable tree care services. From Bee Caves to Circle C Ranch look no further then Doleva Elite Tree. From stump removal to total tree care, we have you covered.

Austin Tree Services Include

Tree Removal Service

Some times trees need to be removed completely. This could be because they have died, are sick and in risk of falling, or because of land development. Tree removal, especially large tree removal is absolutely best left to the professionals at Doleva Elite Tree. Our certified arborist must climb the tree and use a chainsaw to remove the tree in sections from the top down. We are highly trained in tree removal and are fully insured.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Stumps got your down? Stumps are an eyesore and make mowing in Austin difficult. We have specialized equipment for stump removal, grinding the stump way below the surface of the ground. In a short amount of time grass will cover the area and will be indistinguishable from the rest of you lawn.

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