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Doleva worker trimming tree
Certified Arborist


Arborist Tree Services: Pruning, Trimming and Removal

Welcome to Doleva Elite Tree Service

Tree trimming and removal

The Best Tree Services in Central Texas

Not only the best tree service, but also the most efficient. We have large machinery, including a 65 foot boom, that allows us to do professional work at a faster and often more affordable rate and not damage your lawn or property.

The Game Plan

Before we give anyone a tree trimming bid, we develop a game plan. We evaluate your trees, the path to getting to your trees, and the equipment necessary to complete the job before we give a quote.

Price Quote

We do not determine our price randomly. We plan and evaluate the job. The we give you a quote with an explanation of our services and the costs. You know:

  • What the job is going to cost
  • How we are going to do the job
  • Why we choose to do it the way we are proposing
  • When we will begin the work

Large Equipment

We have the largest tree trimming equipment in Georgetown and Central Texas. We have a 65 foot boom, much more reach than our competitors. This allows us to access places without disturbing your yard, while other tree trimmers will have to cut fences or drive over sensitive patios and landscaping to reach your trees.

Our chipper is a large, heavy duty chipper that will shred your trees in minutes. We will not add expense time to sit around while our chipper shreds your cut trees.

We are Certified Arborists: license and insurance.