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Doleva worker trimming tree
Certified Arborist


Arborist Tree Services: Pruning, Trimming and Removal

Why do I need to use an Arborist?

Would you have your medical work done by a handyman? Hopefully the answer is no, if it's yes then we probably can't help you. The main reasons for using an arborist are pretty comparable to why you should see an MD when your sick. Only an Arborist can determine if your trees are in need of some serious TLC and give the right assessment on how to put the plan into action.

An Arborists plan may look something like this:

Other Services provided by an Arborist:

An overall assessment of your trees health and how to keep surrounding trees in good health. Information on fertilization and soil modification, reducing insects, disease, and other site issues as necessary.

  • Cabling of trees
  • Bracing lightning rod systems
  • Consulting and legal advice related to trees
  • A local Arborist with experience...

Not all Arborist in Cedar Park are created equal

It is always best to do your research and confirm the Arborist you are working with has up to date certification and the experience necessary to take care of your trees. Someone who knows trees and has experience with tree care is always your best option.